September 17, 2009

Nice Swarovski Bracelets

Holla, ladies! Now, we present to you our own collection of Swarovski bracelets/bangles. We made all of this by ourselves so, you can customize your own design (colours, type of accessories - silver/gold) according to your preferences. However, we will confirm to you first (in the email) whether the colour(s) that you choose is in our stock or not.

RT002 - RM 120
Made of Swarovski 10mm donut crystal, aloy of gold and copper (suasa) wire and it is hard like a bangle.

RT003 - RM 75.00
Width: about 0.8cm

RT004 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.7 cm

RT005 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.0 cm

RT006 - RM 140.00
Width: about 2.5 cm

RT007 - RM 100.00
Width: about 1.3 cm

RT008 - RM130.00
Width: about 2.0 cm

RT009 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.5 cm

RT010 - RM 150.00
Width: about 1.5cm

RT011 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.7 cm

RT012 - RM 150.00
Width: about 2.0 cm

RT013 - RM 130.00 - more accessories than RT009
Width: about 1.5 cm

RT014 - RM 120.00
Width: about 2.0 cm


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