July 21, 2012

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December 17, 2009

[SOLD OUT] Swarovski Chains, SALE!!!!!!

made of silver /gold coated chain and Swarovski crystal
was rm40.00 but now, only RM 35.00 EACH

model is wearing T012

Order now! The items above are all in our stock. You can customize your own colour of crystal if you want to. Different number of crystals, different price.

Most of the bracelets above have 5 crystals. The price was RM40.00.
NOW, only RM 35.00, each


Check on how to purchase, here!

December 16, 2009

[SOLD OUT] Let`s go pinky!

Rose Quartz 01 - RM 55.00

Rose Quartz 02 - RM 65.00

Rose Quartz 03 - RM 40.00

The meaning of Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It is also the stone of love in marriage. When worn in jewelry the wearer feels a sense of self-worth.

Healing property of Rose Quartz:

This stone is good for skin. It is said washing the face in water charged by rose quartz will help fade winkles and keep the skin young.

December 4, 2009

[SOLD OUT] My Charming Jade

Jade 001 - RM 35.00

Accessorize yourself with this exclusive green jade bracelet, now!

November 25, 2009

[SOLD OUT] Charm Bracelets

Heyya! we`re back! sorry for not updating this blogshop for a long time. Well, this is because I had a lot of things to do over this semester.. Tests, assignments, tests.. Huh..By the way I come up with new designs of bracelets and I really hope that all of you will love it! Better grab it fast since these bracelets are very limited!

CB 001 - RM 27.00
Description: A combination of light gold and shiny black crystals.
Unit available: 1

CB 002 - RM 33.00
Description: Combination of dark purple, pink, dark gold and gold crystals, attached to it is a Swarovski heart pendant.
Unit available: 1

CB 003 - RM 35.00
Description: Combination of gemstones: Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Greyish Quartz and coloured crystals, attached to it is a Swarovski flower pendant.
Unit available: 1

CB 004 - RM 30.00
Description: This bracelet is made of Vietnamese pink pearls and pink crystals. Attached to it is a white Swarovski heart pendant.


September 27, 2009

[SOLD OUT] Long Necklaces!

These are long necklaces that are made of China Crystal (slightly lower quality than Swarovski Crystal). The price is much cheaper compared to Swarovski Crystal. For those who are wearing scarf, dont worry! This necklace is visible to anyone. It will not be hidden behind your tudung! The length of all of these necklaces are averagely 50.0 cm. Some of the necklaces in pictures being shorten for display purpose. Only in pictures! They are not shorter than the others.






RL006 - GREY

RL007 - PINK



September 26, 2009

RM 12 Bracelets!

Order now! Only RM 12!
Postage fee: RM 3 per item






September 25, 2009

Keronsang Swarovski! (Brooches)

Handmade Swarovski Brooch is here! Customize your colour or order the ready item below, now!
All brooches have the same style. The diameter is around 3 centimeters.
B001 (Turqoise with light blue inner petals)

B002 (Grey AB with Black inner petals)

B003 (Purple with Light Purple inner petals)

B004 (Yellow with White AB inner petals)

B005 - different inner petals and centre

B006(Blue AB with Light Blue inner petals)

B007 (White AB with Topaz inner petals)

B008( Green AB with Yellow inner Petal)

Customize your own colour now by giving the description to us at the Color Combination section in the order form...
Example of description:

Colour of outer (BIG) petals - Green AB
Colour of inner petals - Yellow

Get it only for RM 40.00!!

September 17, 2009

Nice Swarovski Bracelets

Holla, ladies! Now, we present to you our own collection of Swarovski bracelets/bangles. We made all of this by ourselves so, you can customize your own design (colours, type of accessories - silver/gold) according to your preferences. However, we will confirm to you first (in the email) whether the colour(s) that you choose is in our stock or not.

RT002 - RM 120
Made of Swarovski 10mm donut crystal, aloy of gold and copper (suasa) wire and it is hard like a bangle.

RT003 - RM 75.00
Width: about 0.8cm

RT004 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.7 cm

RT005 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.0 cm

RT006 - RM 140.00
Width: about 2.5 cm

RT007 - RM 100.00
Width: about 1.3 cm

RT008 - RM130.00
Width: about 2.0 cm

RT009 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.5 cm

RT010 - RM 150.00
Width: about 1.5cm

RT011 - RM 120.00
Width: about 1.7 cm

RT012 - RM 150.00
Width: about 2.0 cm

RT013 - RM 130.00 - more accessories than RT009
Width: about 1.5 cm

RT014 - RM 120.00
Width: about 2.0 cm