September 25, 2009

Keronsang Swarovski! (Brooches)

Handmade Swarovski Brooch is here! Customize your colour or order the ready item below, now!
All brooches have the same style. The diameter is around 3 centimeters.
B001 (Turqoise with light blue inner petals)

B002 (Grey AB with Black inner petals)

B003 (Purple with Light Purple inner petals)

B004 (Yellow with White AB inner petals)

B005 - different inner petals and centre

B006(Blue AB with Light Blue inner petals)

B007 (White AB with Topaz inner petals)

B008( Green AB with Yellow inner Petal)

Customize your own colour now by giving the description to us at the Color Combination section in the order form...
Example of description:

Colour of outer (BIG) petals - Green AB
Colour of inner petals - Yellow

Get it only for RM 40.00!!